Digital Twin with wayfinding.

Digital Twin with wayfinding, available in the cloud on all devices. About how it works onsite – it works via AR mode using our AR app. It’ll show the list of locations, the route and how far you need to go to get there!

Our wayfinding is now in the beta phase, there are still several challenges, but we can already share the above digital twin to view on a large screen such as a laptop and PC. The example is the Pro College in Wijchen, of wich our digital twin already was present. We have expanded the the existing menu with our wayfinding.

How to use wayfinding in this digital twin.

Go at the bottom of the Menu to “Navigatie, draai rond tot je de blauwe lijn ziet en volg deze helemaal tot aan de laatste stip!” Open the submenu to see the navigation location items and click for example on “Nederlands & Engels” turn the panorama around until you see the blue line to follow. You can also click on the other location items in that menu to change the route. If you want to close a route completely follow it all the way to the last dot!