Matterport: The All-in-One Solution for Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Scan your job site once with 360 Totaal and you can get all of the following outputs:

3D ShowcaseEngineers, BIM managers, VDCs, and architects can inspect the site remotely with a virtual tour.The virtual tour is a collection of 360º images deeply connected to the 3D model of the space.Each 360º image is automatically placed in the correct location — no post-processing necessary.Collaborators can use Matterport to create a visual punchlist of tasks that need to be completed. Scan the same job site at different phases to show progress over time (construction documentation).Explore in Virtual Reality with Matterport VR.
floorplan-measurement.png 3D MeasurementsTake simple measurements (dimensions) in metric or imperial units. Learn how.Measure remotely — no need for a return site visit just to measure.Measure dimensions of objects, rooms, or even the entire job site.Measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality. Learn more.Measurements are made on the 3D mesh. You can also download the point cloud and measure in ReCap.
stCBKSSdw1G_-_3.jpg2D PhotographyTake simple flat 2D photography from your Matterport Space.Take as many as you like and use them for both print and digital formats. Learn how.Download your 2D photos as simple JPG files. Learn how.Use for simple team communication or include in the turnover package for your clients.
SxQL3iGyoDo_-_360_snapshot.jpg360º PhotospheresDownload as many 360º photospheres from the Matterport Space as you like. Learn how.A 360º photosphere is the same spherical, panorama imagery that you see in 3D Showcase.Open with a specific tool for editing and viewing 360º images, such as Pano2VR.
conference-room-point-cloud.pngColorized Point CloudsFor architecture, engineering, and construction customers. Learn more.Open in AutoCAD, ReCap, or Revit and jump-start your as-built designs.Fully automatic point cloud registration of all sweeps (scan positions).Colorized based on the 360º panorama imagery and accurate to within 1% of reality.
ICM_colorplan_000_resized.jpgHigh Resolution Floor Plan ImageFor architecture, engineering, and construction customers. Learn more.Get a quick top-down view of the job site and everything inside it.Use in AutoCAD as a tracing element or open in Maya3ds Max, or other 3D software.The floor plan is just a unique, orthogonal view of the 3D mesh. Make your own views/slices of the 3D mesh by manipulating the OBJ file yourself.
ICM_ceilingcolorplan_000_preview.jpegReflected Ceiling Plan ImageFor architecture, engineering, and construction customers. Learn more.Same as the high-resolution floor plans, but a quick vertical view of everything on the ceiling.See ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more.
obj-preview.pngOBJ FileMatterport combines 3D depth data with 2D visual data to create a textured 3D mesh that is the OBJ file. We sample the OBJ file to create the Dollhouse View in 3D Showcase.An OBJ file is not necessary for most users. 3D developers and VR enthusiasts can use the OBJ file to kickstart their projects with a 3D model of a real-world place.To open we recommend Maya3D Studio Max, or Meshlab. For Maya, you may need to convert the OBJ into an FBX file. If you prefer SketchUp you will need a plug-in to import OBJ objects.Our OBJ files have a scale of 1 unit = 1 meter. You may need to update the scale in your 3D software or rescale the model after loading.