The MatterPak™ Bundle


What Is the MatterPak™ Bundle?

The MatterPak™ Bundle is a set of assets you can import into third-party programs. It contains:

  • Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • High-resolution floor plan image. This is not the Schematic Floor Plans. This is similar to the ceiling plan image but of the floor.
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • 3D mesh file (.OBJ) including the necessary texture map image files (.JPG)

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BLK360 G1

Pro2 and BLK360 G1

Who Is the MatterPak™ Bundle For?

The MatterPak™ Bundle is for architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to import these assets into 3D third-party programs* (such as 3ds Max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. For example:

  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to quickly create an as-built model and jump-start their designs.
  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.

For assistance on how to import the files, convert the files, or use the files within the third party program, or to check if these are the right files for your use-case, please contact the specific 3D third-party program’s support team.

If you want to convert the MatterPak™ .XYZ file into a format you can use in AutoCAD, follow either of these instructions to do so: