3D Tour met Introscreen geëmbed in Iframe

Introscreen kan met jpg max. 2mb of video die loopt, denk aan vaste layout posities text in systeem)

Het is ook mogelijk om de 3D tour zonder intro screen te laten starten, of eigen afbeelding plaatsen met link er achter zodat tour in nieuw tabblad groot opent.

Link naar tour in nieuw tabblad

Embark on the ultimate digital adventure with our immersive virtual 3D tour!

Without leaving your desk, you can navigate through the aisles of our virtual showroom,

unveiling a world of distinctive decorations and novel products. This groundbreaking experience

makes visiting our showroom effortless, time-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

To make the most of your journey, we suggest logging into our online portal prior to starting the tour,

granting you access to a comprehensive array of features. With a simple click on either of the two tours,

you’re all set to embark on your exploration.